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Shenzhen Qian Cheng Da Electronics Co.ltd is a sister company of Qian Cheng (Hongkong) Co.,Ltd, it is an electronic component distributor and integrative solution company.

Being a professional and full scale electronic component supplier(focused on importing connectors and electronic plastic parts), his business increase stably, and the business scope steps from Noth China to East China and the West, he has kept stable contact with hundreds of customers, the end customers include: UTSTARCOM、HUAWEI、FOXCONN、SIEMENS、SONY、TOSHIBA、XEROX、LG、SAMSUNG、HISENSE、VOLKSWAGEN、FORD、GM、DFL、CHERY、ZTE etc.

Being confronted with more and more competitive market, the team of Qian Chen Da take the principle : "completely optimize purchasing chain, create the most optimized electronic supplying base for customer", setting up his dominance with his unique operation style and excellent service.

★Be capable for both export and domestic business.

★Being of our intensive collecting purchasing, the team of Qian Chen Da has signed the long-term cooperation contract and quality guarantee agreement with hundreds of manufacturers.

★Powerful financing and stock supporting, is in order to keep our advantage of on-time delivery and high efficiency.

★Customer's OEM requirement: Along with the development of the market and customers' requirement, we both provide OEM wire harness's solution, assembly and mass production with our experienced engineering knowledge in Electronics.

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